Shoko and Andreas Pfeiffer

Yamanomachi (a church in the North of Kobe in a rural region)

Field of work
Church work and organisation & maintenance
The church has its emphasis on child and youth evangelization. Over 900 children were able to hear the gospel for the first time in the past decade. Additionally, we work directly with handicapped people.

Because the church itself has no building, the Marburg Mission Headquarters in Japan has been subleasing their building to the church since its foundation. A great part of our work is maintaining the outer buildings, renovating the inner rooms and preparing mission meetings.

Personal motivation
Andreas received his calling from Jesus to go to Japan already when he was 18 years old, during the time when the wall still split Germany. In 1990 het met Shoko at the Bible College Liberty Corner, USA. Together, they began preparing for their service. Shoko graduated in Theology in Tokio and Andreas finished his theological studies in Marburg and his doctorate in Trinity, Chicago.

The work of the Kaschner family has been able to be continued since 2009. In the starting years, the church grew, adding 11 newly baptized members who are now actively leading the church. Together, we pray for our neighbourhood which has yet to have been reached. Presently, a housing estate is being built infront of our building that has the potential of bringing new children and adults to this area and this encourages us greatly.

For donations, please indicate project number 41112 as the purpose of the donation.