Network East Africa

We work as missions organisation with local African partners. Not because we have some kind of solution but because as partners we can join together and counter the plight - each with their knowledge, the possibilities and limits which they have.

Matthias Scheitacker was a teacher for 10 years at a Christian College in Uganda. Since his return in 2016, he has been living with his family in Middle Franconia and from there he coordinates the work of the Marburg Mission in East Africa.

The network stands for hundreds of Christians from Uganda, eastern Congo, South Sudan, Ruanda and Germany. They all share the same vision:

Networking with people - passing on God's love and hope

Our work

  • We further and support sending and supporting African missionaries through their churches.
  • We work with local churches in the area of reconciliation work and humanitarian help.
  • We awaken interest and offer training courses transcultural missionary work.
  • We connect qualified personnel from different countries in order to further sustainable development.