Our Work

  • We teach and guide leaders and staff in the church in the villages.
  • By the means of church services and bible lessons, we encourage and strengthen the church members.
  • We help people and families in need through pastoral counselling.
  • We offer mentorship and counselling to the village churches during decision processes and problems.
  • We further the enhancement of nutrition, hygiene, and health in the village churches.
  • We offer women and children, victims of domestic violance and sexual abuse a safe haven and pastoral-therapeutic help.

Our Vision

  • Independent stable churches that live out the gospel testimonially and church members that participate in that actively.
  • Pastors with a good biblical foundation, especially in the villages.
  • Renewed and spiritually strong families that are able to solve their problems on their own.
  • Theological leaders from the region with sound education and training from the same region. In order to achieve this, the regional church leadership is planning a theological training and education facility which we will support.
  • Casa Yohana is a place where people can be strengthened through speeches, courses and contemplation retreats for their social, family and spiritual lives.