Mission Statement

Our identity

God, as revealed in the Bible, wants people of all races, ethnic groups and nations to come to believe in his Son, Jesus Christ, and honor Him with their lives through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Marburg Mission Foundation works for and with churches to fulfill the worldwide mission of Jesus Christ.

Our competences

  • Church planting
  • Church growing
  • Theological education
  • Evangelistic deaconry
  • Transcultural networking

Our Vision

1. Hotspot

The Marburg Mission foundation is a hotspot for cross-cultural operations of our domestic and foreign staff members.

2. Church Development

We plant churches whose members are then trained to plant other churches.

In addition, we help existing churches further develop.

We also explore new fields of work.

3. Service Point

We offer mission-minded churches ample opportunities for field service.

Moreover, we develop a network of member care for our missionaries.

4. Theological Contributions

Christian faith is always influenced by every culture and society to which the people belong.

Believing in God for Thais is different than for Brazilians. The Spanish believe in another way than the Ugandans do.

Therefore, we nurture the development of a contextualized and culturally independent theology of missions.

5. Diaconia

Diaconia means serving people in the name of God because he cares for our world.

With our diaconal commitment we want to share God’s love for us in a practical way.

A great priority in this area is our ministry to physically-, emotionally-, and intellectually- challenged children.