Our Work

  • We start new churches and guide churches who are in the process of founding churches.
  • We are involved in local and interregional church planting and growth.
  • By the means of sound theological training, we enable future pastors and church leaders to meet the challenges of society and religion.
  • We offer a spiritual home in the Thai-German Church Chiang Mai (TDG) for German-speaking people and their partners.
  • We accompany people pastorally and offer them Christian life counselling.
  • We offer solid academically certified school education to German-speaking children at the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC).
  • We offer various work opportunities for short-term staff.

Our Vision

  • To reinforce our team with six new families within the next ten years.
  • To continue to start churches and support church planters.
  • To be involved in training and educating church planters.
  • To offer local churches the possibility to actively participate in world missions through sending and supporting.
  • To start a new sector of work in contextualized and contemporary children and youth ministries.
  • Our service exemplarily fulfills the diaconal mission of the church.