Olga und Timo Löwen

Where are you located?
Chiang Mai / Thailand

What is your field of work?
We are currently studying language and culture. In the future, we will be responsible for the educational and pastoral care of the children of the Eastern Lawa people in the hostel in Chiang Mai.

What motivates you?

In Jeremiah 29:11, God promises his people that he has thoughts of peace over them and will give them a future and hope. God's words from Jeremiah also apply to the children of the Eastern Lawa people. God has thoughts of peace for them, and we are allowed to bring this good news to these children. God wants to give them a future and a hope. What a privilege to be able to contribute to this gift! The children will have a home in the hostel they will have access to further education and will experience in this place that Jesus loves them!

For donations, please indicate project number 40207 as the purpose of the donation.