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heartbeat is the sponsorship program of Marburg Mission, which has been working for children with disabilities since November 2009. This happens primarily through sponsorships, through which one-on-one contact between godmother or godfather and the respective child is established. Our vision is to provide a future for children with...

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Tag 28: Spanien

Wer ist Jesus?

Das Verständnis von Jesus Christus in Spanien ist bei vielen Menschen von zwei Grundaussagen des Glaubensbekenntnisses geprägt: „Geboren von der Jungfrau Maria“ und „gelitten unter Pontius...

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Identity - Competence - Vision

God, as revealed in the Bible, wants people of all races, ethnic groups and nations to come to...

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Christus Gemeinde Wesel offiziell gegründet

Am 16.09.2017 haben 22 Personen die Christus...

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