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Place of Worship - House of Prayer in Barcelona

What was the first thing the wise men from the east did when they saw Jesus? Exactly! They fell on their knees and prayed to Jesus and then they gave him gifts. While this took place, the house turned into a "house of prayer". A place where people can get to know God, just as they are. That's the best gift that Jesus can bring us - our...

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Tag 17: Thailand

Die östlichen Lawa - ein (fast) unerreichtes Volk

Dawan gehört zu den östlichen Lawa und er ist Christ. Sein Volk ist eine der wenigen ethnischen Stammesgruppen in Nordthailand, unter denen es noch keine christliche Gemeinde gibt. Ihre alte...

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Identity - Competence - Vision

God, as revealed in the Bible, wants people of all races, ethnic groups and nations to come to...

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Christus Gemeinde Wesel offiziell gegründet

Am 16.09.2017 haben 22 Personen die Christus...

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