heartbeat is the sponsorship program of Marburg Mission, which has been working for children with disabilities since November 2009. This happens primarily through sponsorships, through which one-on-one contact between godmother or godfather and the respective child is established.

Our vision is to provide a future for children with disabilities through holistic support. We support children regardless of their ethnic, social or religious background. The goal is that all children of our projects will one day have godparents and thus receive optimal support.

It is also important to us that the children get to know Jesus. His love is the motivation and reason for our actions. Of course, we do not presuppose this attitude either with the children in our projects or with the godparents.

At the moment we support the home Bethesda in Taiwan. It houses over 100 children and young people with various disabilities, who are currently cared for by about 80 employees in various departments.

More information can be found on the official website www.mm-heartbeat.org.