Against Ebola in Eastern Congo

Not yet under control

Ten months after the Ebola outbreak, the situation in Eastern Congo still has not been contained. More than 2000 people have contracted Ebola and over 1300 fatalities have been confirmed.

Since the outbreak, the attempts to contain the epidemic have continously been jeopardized by the fragile security situation and by the missing trust in the society. The impoverished population lacks information and often times even ressources to implement necessary sanitary measures. Thereby they endager both themselves as well as the context they live in.

How we help

With the collaboration of local health organisations, we advocate reducing the risk of infection in order to bring an end to the Ebola epidemic:

- Educational work: We equip health centers, schools and churches with material that informs them about the protection against Ebola.

- Supply of toiletries, antiseptics, and water dispensers for the poor, schools and churches.

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